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Quality Policy

The activity and policy in FAST Group is based on provision of quality products and services conforming to customer’s requirements as well as to contractual obligations, normative technical documents and international standards.

FAST Group

  • aims at long-term business relationship with customers, partners and suppliers;

  • plans its activity in the terms of long-term interests and Development Strategy of the Group;

  • provides the Employees with reasonable remuneration, proper working environment as well as gives a chance to study and evince creative ability;

  • focuses on safety, health and environment protection;

  • builds relationships with the society based on the principles of fairness and integrity.

The Top Management of the Group undertakes to improve the Quality Management System and activity of the Group by the following means:

  • optimization of Company’s internal processes in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000 international standard series as well as state standards related to the Company’s activity;

  • targeting to full conformance to the Customer’s requirements and no-complaint history;

  • further consolidation of Customers’ confidence to the Group;

  • achievement of leading positions at the market, constant strengthening and development of the Company’s marketing image;

  • continuous professional development of the Employees;

  • involvement of the personnel into the Group’s activity improvement, team building and corporate culture formation;

  • selection of reliable supplies of spare parts, equipment as well as subcontractors;

  • winning and retention of the Company’s reputation as a reliable supplier, partner, employer and tax payer.

  • implementation of innovation approach to task performing;

  • process automation with latest facilities

Chairman of FAST Group Coordination Council
Andrey S. Seregin